Buono (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is an established supplier to the Food industry, mainly focusing on market segments outside of mass volume. Our production facilities is located at district of Nakornchaisri, Nakornpathom, 30 kilometres from Bangkok. The factory is divided into 2 separated sections.

The “Desserts Line” section focuses on production of authentic gelato & tropical fruit sorbet, Gelato Mochi , Gelato Cake, and related products. Several automated machines take part in this production line with the total annual production capacity of 12,000,000 liters.

The “Food Line” section focuses on production of frozen ready to eat meals. The modern industrial scale equipment is established to supply the total production capacity up to more than 1,500 tons a year.

With flexible production system and machine intelligence, we are able to manufacture the small batch sizes. Adaptive, reconfigurable production lines can be reorganized and accommodate new products or variants.