Our factory strictly focuses on standard and regulations relate to environmental friendly. We have policies to ensure that the environmental impacts are less than possible to water, air emission, hazardous materials and other environmental risk. Our environmental management system is designed to minimize the use of natural resource, energy, hazardous materials.


Our factory has a good facility to manage the waste water based on 3 following subjects

Physical treatment for our primary treatment we separate and remove the sand, gravel, large solid from waste water by using Coarse Screen, Fine Screen, Grit Chamber, Primary Sedimentation tank and Skimming Device. Our waste physical treatment can eliminate suspend solid and remove organic substances measure.

Chemical treatment at Buono, we use Chemical process during waste water treatment in the arrangement of the process to accelerate sanitation and disinfection. We also use Chemical treatment along with biological and physical cleaning process to achieve the water standard.

Biological treatment in this process, we focus on the treatment which concern about the biological to eliminate the toxic substance especially in carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus by using the stabilization pond and Air Pump Filter to make sure that our water which returns to the nature will reach the quality of the international standard.

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In our factory we use agricultural waste, plant material, and food waste to produce the renewable energy resource, Biogas, which will be used in our production process for heating, cooking, water heating. It’s the green and clean energy, no pollution and it is also reduces the greenhouse effect.


The Carbon Foot Print is our awarded practical. It’s concern about the total of greenhouse gas emission caused by an organization, event, product, and person. Our common way to reduce the Carbon Foot Print is to reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse. At Buono, we look after the Carbon Foot Print closely and establish the eco – friendly product for world fill with green.

At Buono we also realize the importance of earth natural resource conservation and global responsibility of environmental protection normall accept by many Countries in the world.